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BLV Attorneys, based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, is a versatile law firm providing extensive legal services in South Africa and internationally.

BLV Attorneys

Berndt and La Vita Incorporated, also known as BLV Attorneys, is a general law practice based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa, offering a wide range of professional legal services across South Africa and abroad. Audrey Berndt and Natasha La Vita established BLV Attorneys in 2010 and later incorporated the practice in 2013. They built a successful consumer law practice and quickly expanded into various other branches of law including commercial litigation and family law.


BLV Attorneys is renowned in the industry for its success, out of the box thinking and “no-nonsense” approach. This unconventional work ethic has earned BLV Attorneys respect from learned colleagues and clients both locally and internationally. BLV Attorneys is serving a large client base from multinational companies to individuals and is a proud partner of Transaction Capital Recoveries, TC Credit Health and Accountability.



Audrey Berndt is a co-founder of Berndt and La Vita Incorporated. Audrey is an admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa with the right of appearance in the Supreme Court. Audrey gained valuable experience at Routlege Modise Moss Morris and finished her articles at Logan Attorneys a consumer law practice. Audrey is fluent in French and her legal expertise in various fields is trusted internationally. She is the local correspondent for French speaking press in Canada, France and French speaking countries on the African continent. With her precise and meticulous nature Audrey has a passion for litigation and contracts. She has a wealth of experience in litigation, ICT law, commercial agreements and POPI compliance.



Natasha La Vita is a co-founder of Berndt and La Vita Incorporated and studied law at the University of the Witwatersrand. Natasha furthered her studies and attended the Practical Legal Management Course at the Law Society and went on to do her articles at Logan Attorneys a consumer law practice. Natasha has an interest in corporate law and advise multinational companies on a daily basis. She has a passion for consumer matters, contracts, POPI compliance family law, divorces and children. Natasha works hand in hand with the Family Advocate in custody and guardianship matters. With her charisma and knowledge Natasha offers guidance and trusted solutions. She has a strong and loyal client base who appreciates the approachable way in which she works coupled with her recognised status in the legal field.

Our Partners are regular guests on radio and tv shows and are frequently requested to write articles and opinions on the development of the Law. It is not surprising that, as a trusted source in the legal field that they are regularly invited to speak at conferences and conduct workshops on various legal topics.

To get in touch with Audrey and/or Natasha for media opinions or other appearances please email info@blvlaw.co.za


Nous pouvons également vous offrir nos services en langue française.
Si vous avez des membres de votre famille, ou des amis qui ont besoins d’assistance juridique en Afrique du Sud, prière d’adresser votre mail a Madame Audrey Berndt à 

Maître Audrey BERNDT est l’Avocat-Conseil auprès du Consulat général de France à Johannesburg.