Consumer Law

The CPA safeguards consumers in South Africa for various purchases, including credit-related ones. BLV Attorneys provides expertise in Consumer Law to ensure businesses comply, protecting reputation and consumer obligations.

The Consumer Protection Act (the CPA) was published in the Government Gazette in April 2009 and the actual consumer protection bill itself became fully effective on 1 April 2011.

About Consumer Protection Law

The focus of the CPA is to protect consumers. As such the CPA is arguably the most wide-ranging piece of legislation to have been enacted in South Africa. Purchases of goods or services, whether or not on credit, are included in the purview of the CPA and it is worth noting that while the National Credit Act strictly regulates the provision of credit, the CPA still applies to the sale or related transaction underlying the credit agreement. It also has an impact on the way manufacturers, suppliers and retailers do business. However the Act may have unforeseen consequences. At BLV Attorneys we have the expertise to advise manufacturers, suppliers and retailers on all applicable aspects in the area of Consumer Law. We shed light on how the Act affects your business and your obligations to the consumer. Protect your reputation and make sure your business complies with the legislation.